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Parents & Educators


Understanding the unique issues facing young women and men

PACN is dedicated to helping young women and men make healthy and informed decisions concerning their sexual health. Upon hearing the news about an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health issue, loved-ones can often feel unequipped. Our client consultants are specifically trained to deal with issues of unplanned pregnancy and sexual health concerns. We understand the unique issues these young women and men are facing and can offer the following:

  • Medically accurate care under the direction of a Medical Director and licensed nurses
  • No-cost, confidential services to clients
  • Support groups & educational opportunities for clients
  • Resources for parents & educators
  • On-going counseling services to meet the individual emotional needs of interested clients

Take the first step

If someone you know is suspecting an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health issue, she may feel scared and alone. One of the most important things you can do is to encourage her to make an appointment at PACN to speak with one of our trained client consultants. Call our offices or schedule online today.

Be well-informed

  • A Women’s Right to Know booklet
    Information to know and understand for a person who may be considering abortion, including Texas law and a directory of community resources including adoption agencies
  • STD Wizard
    Is someone you know concerned about having an STD/STI? This is a helpful quiz that allows for personal self-assessment.
  • Justice Foundation Letter
    A helpful letter for those who feel coerced or pressured into abortion as well as information concerning the rights of a pregnant minor child.
  • Medical Institute for Sexual Health
    Medical Institute is dedicated to aligning and disseminating scientific data that promotes optimal health and wellness.